Words Women Use that Leave Men in HASSLE…

It’s a universal fact that no one can win a fight or an argument with women(accept it, you can’t), whether it’s your mom, sister, girlfriend or your girl pal. These women have some kind of a supernatural powers which helps them to win over every argument they get in against males. Neither scientists nor babas have come up with a solution for this problem. Someone among us has to do something in order to break this jinx… Here are just some of the deadly words which are used by women :


According to the Oxford dictionary, it’s a pronoun and it means “not a single thing”. But in the dictionary of a woman, it means something you need to be worried about. Makes all men crazy, when they hear this word.

2. Fine:

According to the dictionary, it’s an adjective and it means “of very high quality; very good of its kind”. But according to a woman, this word is used to end an argument where she means “you need to shut up”.

3. Whatever:

According to the Oxford dictionary, it’s a pronoun and it is used to emphasize a lack of restriction in referring to anything or amount, no matter what. But according to the woman’s dictionary, they use this word to say “screw you”.

4. Go Ahead:

This word means to proceed or continue or go on with your work, but according to a woman it’s a dare, they are not giving any permission and don’t you ever dare to utter a single word after this set of words.

5. Say that again:

In layman term, it means “repeat or pardon me”, but in laywoman term, it means don’t you dare to say that words again.

So it’s a warning to all the males, to think twice before doing something or taking any action when you hear these above-mentioned words.

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