What Will Happen To Ellie: Last of Us (Part II)

Last of Us Part 2:For quite some time people were in hope to hear a piece of good news from Naughty Dogs. After the huge success of “Last of Us”, Naughty Dogs are coming with the most anticipated game of the year. It will release on 19 June 2020.

Brief about the previous game

Last of us 1

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The story of “Last of Us” starts in 2013 with a massive pandemic. There is a growth of fungus which infects the human as well as animals through poisonous gas. During this, our main protagonist Joel lost her daughter. After 20 years, Joel and his brother Tommy surviving this pandemic but they went on their separate ways. After separating from his brother, Joel got a task to deliver a girl name Ellie (deuteragonist) to the fireflies headquarter as she is immune to the infection caused by the fungus. “Fireflies” is a group of people who are against the government’s military group name FEDRA (federal disaster response agency). They believe to re-establish power and to be a fair and just government. In the end, Joel reaches to the headquarter but things went wrong as he came to know that the vaccine will cost the life of Ellie. So, he saves her and destroys the fireflies headquarter.

Last of us 2

Last of Us 2

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The story of Last of Us 2 starts after the 5 years of the above incident. Here the main protagonist of this game is Ellie and she is 19 years old now. She is living in Jackson, a safe and secure city. This story also tells about the relationship between Ellie and Joel and relationship Ellie is having. The plot changes when one-day Ellie came around a violent event from a group of new villains, which changes her daily life. Which makes her, to take revenge from those people who cause this violent event.

Upgradations From the Previous Game.

After watching the first gameplay, there are a lot of changes in the game.

  1. Ellie is the main character of the game

  2. Unlike Joel, Ellie is agile and can squeeze through cracked walls. She can hide under a car and she can also aim while hiding. Hence, mobility has been improved.

  3. There is improved stealth in this game, as it is an essential part of the game.

  4. Improved enemies AI, as this game will be a lot realistic, hence enemies will try to hunt Ellie down.

  5. New enemy types have been introduced in the game. Starting with guard dogs, which can sense the smell of the character.

  6. In the previous game, there were three types of infected, starting with runners, clickers, bloater. There is a new type of infected name Shamblers. It lies between clickers and bloaters. They are also blind like clickers but they have a thick-coated fungal growth and they spread the poisonous gas you get near to them.

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