What Does Google Search Mean To Indians?

Disclaimer: What Do Indian searches on Google??? We are not here to judge someone. One of our team members was searching for some kind of information on google than he comes around something weird. On searching “how to do” he saw some weird search suggestions. After watching the video on Youtube “How google search suggestions work”, he came to a conclusion to write something on this.

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What Do Indian searches on Google???

Different people use google for a different purpose. Some use it to do researches, some use it to study new things and there are some people who use google to learn to drink water (Funny).

If google shut down its operation of the search engine, people will forget how to drink water, how to draw a straight line and such things. Google’s search suggestion works on the basis of what people search on the web. You just need to write 2/3 words and it will start showing you some suggestions full of cringe.

what do indian Searches on google

Google’s suggestion on writing “Can I eat my”. How someone can eat their poop. It’s disgusting.

Have you ever thought why do people do search these things???? We have the answer to this question. It doesn’t look normal when you ask these kinds of questions to your friends. You have a fear of being judged by your near and dear ones.

We should be thankful that Google doesn’t judge someone (😂). What if it does? People even try to find a solution to their fights by googling about their fights. There may a time came when people doesn’t require any psychologists to listen and solve their mental issues. People will just google their problem and they will get the solution ready.

Professional Career is in danger, professionals need to upgrade themselves to compete with Google, otherwise, people will start losing trust In them a will make google as their LAWYER, DOCTOR, THERAPIST, ETC…

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