Websites You Should Follow for Campus News.

Being a student and keep yourself updated with the ongoing buzz of colleges is a difficult job, especially for DU students. Many of us don’t know when Nucleya will come to SRCC or when Punjabi singer Diljit Dosanjh will come to Hansraj College. Every student dream is to attend each and every college fest during his/her college life. Now you don’t need to worry, you can follow these awesome campuses bulletin so that next you can tell your friends when DJ Chetas will come to SRCC and you can make further plans with them.

Here is the list of some campus news portal that you should subscribe.

 1. DU Times:

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2. DU Assassins

du assassins

3. DU Beat

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4. DU Updates

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DU Updates is a youth-oriented news, entertainment, music & fashion website. They intend to fetch all the News and Information of events, fests, competitions, different opportunities around DU and other college campuses. They will keep you well informed, inspired entertain you with different trending topics.

5. ED Times

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6. The Campus Media

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