We Are Panic But Want Memories Too

For third year regular students, last semester is going to end. Even if you pursue regular post graduation courses, you will not get that experience which you are getting from regular undergraduatio courses.

At that point, you are serious about your SGPA, further career options and many other things. You have lot of hustle in your mind. In one side, you want to attend many fest as much as you can and on the other side, you are indifferent about your attendance. You can’t be present at all all fests at the cost of your attendance as you know this also matters with your studies.

If you are a part of any college fest, you can enjoy your time to the fullest and able to feel the environment of other colleges too. The entry for non-college students is restricted. Hence, you will not be able to get entry in any college.

In final year, you have that friend circle which are very close to you. Just make strong relationships with them. Go for party and enjoy a lot. May be you are not able to meet them soon.

After undergraduation, some students will either Opt for post graduation or go for corporates. So, feel the College life otherwise you will not get this chance.

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