Venom: A Marvel Movie For Everyone But Marvel Fans

The Villain with a heart finally gets a movie. Venom, which was recently released by Sony, took place outside of the MCU storyline and is thus not varied with any of the current Marvel movies. Sony is back in the Marvel business after The Amazing Spider-Man and they are GOOD! Although the movie varied a lot from the original story of the Marvel comics as we see Venom have a completely different origin story here. However, that is understandable as they had to make the movie without Spider-man.

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Tom Hardy, as always, absolutely killed it! The amazing actor keeps on outperforming himself. When analyzed in depth, his threefold role of a rock-star journalist, jobless and struggling and last but not at all the least, being Venom the Vigilante were all done in great perfection by the actor. The negative role of Carlton Drake(Riz Ahmed) was also brilliantly performed as just the mad scientist everyone expects to see in a movie.

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The movie, although wonderful, is not for everyone. Marvel comic fans might even get to the point where they absolutely loathe it and this movie might even disagree with the gamer society as the negative of Riot, the symbiotic super villain seems to be a complete copy of the Prototype character Alex Mercer or Sgt. James Heller. However if you are a movie buff, or an action or thriller fan, you might just get to love this movie as the stunts, plot twists and action scenes are quite electrifying.  The movie ends with 2 end credit scenes one of which is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and the other one is for the spider-verse fandom. So, for all of you out there still wondering if they should or shouldn’t go for this, we would say that it is surely a one time watch and deserves that so blatantly ignore the critic reviews just like you do for the DCEU movies cause, with all due respect, critics are morons. Also, Marvel fans, now you know how every DC fan feels after watching an absolutely lovely movie that also doesn’t have an absurd end where everyone is eating a shawarma roll but still it gets bad rotten tomatoes. Cheers!

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