Valorant: An interesting game or not?

Riot games have come up with this new game, which has been recently launched worldwide in June (first week). Earlier it was a “closed beta” game, which has been accessed to few countries. To get that access, people have to watch valorant’s twitch streams for 2-3 days or more. Now it is officially launched and it is only available on PC.

It is a 5v5 tactical shooter game, in which one team (Attackers) has to plant a spike (Bomb). Another team (Defenders) has to stop them from planting a spike or if they have planted it, then they have to defuse the spike.

Gaming Modes:- Unrated and Spike Rush.

In Unrated, the mission of the game is the same but it is a 25-round game, one life per round, and a team who score 13 points first will win the game. The half-time is after 12th round. It takes 30-40 mins to complete the game. Spike Rush is a smaller version of Unrated as it is a 7-round game, one life per round, and a team who score 4 points first will win the game. There is half-time after 3 rounds.

Valorant: How to Unlock More Agents | Screen Rant

But the difference between these two modes.

At the start of every round, there is a 30-second timer phase. In unrated it is called buying phase in which each member can buy guns from the points which he/she earns during that game. But in Spike Rush, there is no such buying phase, as every player got the same gun in every round.

There are 4 abilities that every Agent in Valorant has and it can be used during the game. Abilities are divided as ultimate, signature, and side abilities. Ultimate and signature abilities recharge during the game. The signature ability takes 30 seconds to recharge but Ultimate ability takes 5-6 rounds approx. Side-abilities also used but it needs to be purchased during the “unrated mode” and in “spike rush” it is always present in every round. There are 11 agents in the game.

When you download this game, you will be having 5 unlock agents from which you can play the game. For the remaining 6 agents, you have to unlock them.

But also, there are certain orbs or collectable items that help the player during the round, like an increase in speed for a certain period, up-gradation in a gun, decaying the health of enemy team for some time, etc. Agents (aka characters) are in this makes the game special. As each Agent has its unique special abilities.

This game is a mixture of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) and Overwatch. Overall, this game is fantastic and I enjoyed it and the maps are also interesting. I hope to see Valorant tournaments like CS: GO in future.

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