Vadodara Temporarily Bans Panipuri

The  Municipal Corporation of Vadodara(MCV) temporarily bans Panipuri. This comes out amidst monsoon when people are more prone to diseases. Following the saying ‘prevention is better than cure’, the MCV has shown concern over the unhygienic preparation of Panipuri. This is a bad news for foodies in the town of Gujarat. The Corporation has raided loads of places where Panipuris are prepared. These unhygienic panipuris leave consumers susceptible to diseases like Typhoid, Jaundice and Food Poisoning. The MCV has done away with loads of spoilt flour, oil, rotten potatoes and stinking water. The corporation has raided around 50 manufacturers and have threw 4,000 Kgs of Gol Gappas, 3000 Kgs of potatoes and 1,200 liters of preparation water. The ban will continue till the seasons end.

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