Top 10 Dramatics Society Of Delhi Colleges

The theatre was created to tell people the truth about life and the social situation.

Here are some of the best theatre or dramatics societies of the Delhi University Theater Circuit and their annual festivals which you can’t afford to miss.

Ibtida – The dramatics society of Hindu College

ibtida hindu

The dramatics society was found in 1991 with the help of theatre enthusiast Mr Imtiaz Ali. The society performs on various social concerns ranging from gender discrimination to corruption. They have raised the standards with their brilliant stage performances in the theatre circuit. Medina, the annual festival is also a big hit in Delhi University.

  Kshitij – The dramatics society of Gargi College

kshitij gargi

Kshitij is one of the best dramatics society founded in 2003 with their          spectacular energy in every play and openly speaks about the government ideologies with plays like Main Kashmir, Aur Aap? Main Manipur. Abhaas, the street play event also attracts a huge audience from the circuit.

 The Dramatics society – The dramatics society of SRCC

Dramatics society of SRCC

The Dramatics Society of SRCC is one of the oldest and the most   respected societies of the college. Their aim is to foster social and intellectual activity among the students. With their revolutionary characteristic in plays to the best humour, they attract their audience easily.

Histrionica: The Annual Performing Arts Festival of SRCC is a much-awaited event.

     DramaNomics – The dramatics society of College of Vocational Studies

dramanomics cvs

The dramatics society of CVS is one the best societies in theatre circuit found in 2012. The society is known to create plays which revolve around political and social themes like Nabbe Second Ki Red Light. The Thespian, organised by CVS’ theatre society, DramaNomics, is always a crowd-puller.

    LSR Dramatics society – The dramatics society of Lady Shri Ram College


The dramatics society of LSR has given us some marvellous productions through the years. The society considers themselves as a family, who are bound together by a mutual love for dramatics. From depression to patriarchy they cover every topic with best plays like The Trial Room. Tarang, the annual cultural fest is also the most awaited and an incredible event.

The Players – The dramatics society of Kirori Mal College

The Players Dramatics society of KMC

The dramatics society of Kirori Mal College has given the Indian cinema and theatre stage a lot of their stalwarts. They believe in an experiment and never settle for the conventional. With the best productions, they have achieved an incredible position in the circuit. The Players also has an active street play wing and it has its own non-competitive fest, ‘Sar-e-Aam’ which is a big show.

    Ankur – The Dramatics Society of SGTB Khalsa College


Ankur is one of the best and oldest theatre society in the circuit. They believe in bringing about a change at any and every level possible. The group has emerged as one of the big names in theatre circuit with some fabulous productions like Welcome to the Machine and Outer City. Ankur celebrates theatre every year with its annual theatre festival, Pratyaksh which is a wonderful event.

   Et cetera – The Dramatics society of GTBIT

et cetra GTBIT

AYE TERE LIYE AYE is the anthem, which marks their famous presence in kurta chunni and ray bans. The dramatics society of GTBIT is continuously marking their presence with power-filled productions every year in the theatre circuit with plays like Situation Under Control. Kranti is the Annual Street Play Event of Et cetera which is also a grand slam.

  Hansraj Dramatics society – The Dramatics society of Hansraj College

Hansraj dramatics society

The Dramatics society of Hansraj College is also one of the best and oldest founded in 1987 famous for setting the stage for Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan. The society has marked their position in street as well as the stage with some spectacular productions like Riwayat and The Trial. ÉCLAT, The Annual Theatre Festival of Hans Raj College is always a magnificent event.

 Anubhuti – The Dramatics society of Sri Venkateswara College

Anubhuti Venkateswara college

The Dramatics society of Sri Venkateswara college has covered topics whether they are about love, romance, abusing, sex, politics or prostitution with bold moves keeping their audience awestruck. Anubhuti has always marked with best productions in street and stage as well with plays like A, Islammed. Madari is the Annual Street Play event which leaves their audience speechless every year.

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