The movie starts off with little Zafira casting a palace of Raunakpur and having a conversation with his father Mirza Sahib (played by Ronit Roy which was a supporting role for the base of the storyline). The story is pitched in the British period in India. Mirza is very well aware of the cruel behaviour of the Britishers, so he was prepared to fight them and wanted to fail their ambitions.

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The British governor at that point John Clive (played by Lloyd Owen who portrays a cruel company man who is an opportunist and wants to have both sides of the coin in his hand) comes to his palace to meet him smells the aroma of revolt. Clive captures mirza’s son and wanted him to surrender his kingdom to the British Empire and in return, he will free his son. Clive plays it smart and made mirza surrender and killed his son when he(Mirza) revolted, clive shoots right into his heart which is witnessed by the little Zafira. then clive went on to kill Zafira, that scene marks the entry of the great warrior of Raunakpur Khudabaksh azaad (played by the great Amitabh Bachchan sir )who comes to the rescue and saves Zafira and leaves the palace.

Khudabaksh has depicted a very powerful character be it his armour, sword or his grown beard with the hindostaani touch of the pagri. No one could have done this role better than Amit sir. His powerful voice adds on to the aura of the character. Grown-up Zafira (played by Fatima Sana Shaikh) had to once again sacrifice her hair but this time it’s not the head, it is the eyebrow this time. Trained by Khuda Baksh plays a major supporting role in this fight against Clive.

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Then we have Firangi Mallah (played by none other than Aamir Khan sir) is vicious, unfaithful man. He only loves money and his convenience and can take any risk for it. He is a witty lier, and like it is said in the movie has an animal heart. He at first helps some thugs to rob some people that he finds in his way and takes what they have to offer and as soon as they leave, he informs the British soldiers about them and double crosses them and takes what the British had to offer and leaves from there.

He is then hired by a senior official to look for azaad and he asks a big amount in return. For this task, he needs help from his childhood friend Sanichar (played by Mohammad Zeeshan Ayyub ) who knows Jyotish vidya and is very found of alcohol. They both sail in search of aazad and finds him to their surprise . in order to win his trust , mallah took a bullet on himself and also killed some british soldiers with them. He is then treated by them and mallah shows his interest in to a life free and becomes one of the many azaads.

Azaad shows mallah that the king of Durgapur is helping them out to fight against the british . Mallah shows his loyalty to the whites tells them about their hideup . They are then trapped by the british. Then their is a fight between the two and seeing that they wont be able to get out of it , azaad decides to fail the ship of the whites all alone and gave mallah the responsibility to protect Zafira. mallah takesZafiraa and azaad are dead by the blast.

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You all might be wondering that why haven’t I talked about Katrina yet, because there is not much to talk about her character in the movie. Surraiya jaan (played by Katrina Kaif ) is a bar dancer of that time and doesn’t contributes to the story of the film in any way. Her hard work is seen in her dance but the choreography seemed quite peculiar and weird to me .

Now going back to the story, Mallah visits the clive to give him the location of the Azaad’s gang and in return had a great dinner and leaves taking his friend sanichar along with him who was arrested by the whites . Present at that location mallah gives a flute signal to the whites and they bring their ships along . But this time mallah shows his loyalty to the so called thugs (azaads) and helps them to destroy their ships . Then their hideup is attacked by clive along with many ships but mallah manages to save them all and brings them to surraiya’s house.

They planned to kill clive at the Dussehra but to their surprise , clive shows everyone that Khuda Baksh is still alive and will be killed with the Raavan. Now they present a dance performance with the help of Surraiya and zafia jumps to clive and put the gun on his head as soon as she presses the trigger , nothing happens . To everyone’s astonishment , mallah took out the bullet and all the azaads are arrested . Then he goes to the prison where khudabaksh was kept, takes him out of there and they all unite to kill clive which brings us to the end of the story.

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Now to conclude, this story line is not that powerful or amusing , acting was okay but the aura of the character of khudabaksh was so powerful that many things could have been done with it. I didn’t found the significance of katrina’s role it was not that much needed kind of thing. Fatima performed good according to her character but there was some kind of collective power missing in this movie . I would like to appreciate amit sir , at this age he is doing such a powerful role is commendable. I think it would have been great if the story and direction was done by Rajkumar Hirani as he has done some amazing work with aamir and would have pulled out the best emotions from all the actors and this could have been something else . This might have added more emotions to the movie and would have been more dramatic. Its an average movie and its ok if you watch it once  as there is not much of a competition for this film.

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