The Sky Shall Cry

The pale of light falls on the novel I was reading The pale of light falls on the poem I’m writing I closed the window but there’s a sudden thud Oh, I left one window open

I’ve closed, all the doors now except the one I am sitting by the cold of trees with profoundness the storm is so joyful the dust and dirt fly as if heavenly

Soothing my soul and relaxing my body Small droplet hits my hand and the sound of rain is filling my ears Though the rain hasn’t started yet My ears crave for the sound of rain

My eyes want to see the pale before the shower I gaze through the sky to spot the rain I closed the windows again for I had them open again Tiny droplets hit the left side of my body which is beside the opening of a door

I hear the sound of thunder I know it is just the beginning The grief, the pain, the sorrow will go For the sky will cry for me

And its crying slowly, it’ll shred those heavy tears in a moment The plastic bucket in the balcony scares me by moving around I am so lost in my thoughts and I am so lost in my poem and

So lost in tears that’ fall on me now and then This is the wind or the sob before the cry and finally, things are flying and falling as if something has begun I’m scared but still sitting by the door

For the sky shall cry for me My eyes won’t drop a tear but they’ll get relieved

For the sky shall cry for me

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