The Record-Breaking Masterstroke by CarryMinati

Masterstroke by CarryMinati: The fight started when Elvish Yadav, Youtuber having near to 6 Million Subscribers, targeted the top tier TikTokers in his roast video. Among these targeted TikTokers were Soumya Pikachu, Revolver Rani, Amir Siddiqui, and other artists. Yadav has uploaded two videos on this matter, he says there is one more to come in 2 to 3 days. We will be uploading his YouTube vs Tiktok fight video as soon as it drops.

As expected, TikTokers backfired through their Instagram accounts and pages, posting IGTV videos and calling YouTubers mob mentality and their lack of originality. Ultimately calling their content cringe and old. Amir Siddiqui posted an IGTV video, you can watch it below.

The first YouTube to answer the calls was Saimon Says, who released an 11 Minute video roasting Amir’s lack of knowledge around the topics he had discussed in his IGTV video like Creative Commons, producing cringe content and running after money rather than spreading information.

The entire YouTube community was waiting for the reply of the Indian Roast God, CarryMinati. After a few days of waiting, CarryMinati finally published his roast video in which he also targeted Amir Siddiqui’s false accusations and lack of credibility as a content producer. Watch the Carry Minati’s Response to TikTok vs YouTube Issue.

CarryMinati v/s Amir Siddique

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CarryMinati YouTube vs TikTok response proved to be a record-breaking video and garnered so many likes in just a short span. It went viral on all social media platforms. The hashtag #CarryMinatiRoast was trending on Twitter on the day of release. It secured 19 Million views in just one day and the like count above 3 Million.

CarryMinati YouTube vs Tiktok Roast video records 66+ Million as of right now and 10+Million likes. He has gained more than 3 million subscribers since the video came out. According to INFOTONLINE, the list of record broken by CarryMinati TikTok Roast Video are: –

• Fastest Indian Video to 1M likes (2Hrs) • Fastest Indian Video to 2M likes (5Hrs) • Fastest Indian Video to 3M likes (9 Hrs) • Fastest Indian Video to 4M likes (17 Hrs) • Fastest Indian Video to 5M likes (22 Hrs) • Most Liked Indian Video in first 24 Hours (5.2M) • 2nd Most Liked Video in the World in first 24 Hours (5.2M) • 4th Most Liked Indian Video on YouTube • 2nd Most Commented Indian Video on YouTube (451K) • Most Comments on a Video in first 24 Hours (451K) • Most Subscribers Gain in 24 Hours (1.3M) • 8th Most Viewed Indian Video in first 24 Hours (19.96M)

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