The Overrated and Underrated Change

The change is one of the most overrated yet an underrated concept. The fact remains that change is something that occurs itself. Each and every moment you spend on the earth you are changing. The fact that you are thinking about change is change itself.

Changing takes time and so does everything else. Sit for a while and imagine yourself in the past and how you handled your life then and how you’ll handle it now. There will be some striking differences that you’d be able to notice. And if you don’t see huge differences, then look for the minor ones. You’ll surely find some differences.

Change is time and time is change. It’s something that I’ve learned. Over the changing course of time. I have a slow pace of change and that works for me, you may be fast or even slower than me but no matter what you shall change. In the language of the law, shall is mandatory and so it shall happen.

And change is not always positive so after knowing the fact that you’ll change keep another thing in mind change for good. Don’t focus on change it’ll happen focus on the process, do good and you’ll reach where you want. (P.S. it takes time)

The best example that I can give you is me. Yes, you read that right me. I wanted to write an article and here I’m writing one in my environment class. And while at the start I may only write about something, then I wrote about change and here I’m giving you an example of myself. Which further proves: change is time and time is change.

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