The Next Big Thing: “A 100 MP Camera Phone”

We never thought that we can click pictures through phone, but the time has changed a lot now. Those days are gone now, people have started clicking pictures on phone and now mobile photography is in the trend now.

Earlier there was a war over which smartphone camera has the highest megapixels. With the launch of 48 Megapixel this year, it seems that was is still on.

Image result for nokia pureview 808

(Source: Google images)

Nokia was the first company to launch a 41 MP camera phone in 2012 which was called the Nokia 808 Pureview, this phone changed the perspective of many cell phone buyers and companies. First phone which focused more on the camera performance. This phone was a hit and it encouraged many cellphone manufacturers to make phones with a great capability to capture good pictures.

I think that day is not far enough when this planet will have it’s first 100 MP camera phone.

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