The Library

I entered the central library for the very first time to complete a script and was worried as the deadline was approaching. Without wasting any time I sat on the bench beside the main entrance and started with the research. While reading I found that the subject of the play had many sub-subjects which were as important as the main subject and had to be included in the backstory. I wanted to jot the topics but to my bad luck, I didn’t carry a pen or a notebook. But childishly tried to learn some facts and while walking to home revised it to myself but when I reached home and sat to write I couldn’t recall them. I knew that there were some subjects to be researched upon so I had a lot of work to do tomorrow so I arranged my stationary and kept it beside my wallet so that I wouldn’t forget them tomorrow. Reaching, the library very next day all in confidence I took the book I was researching upon and started to note down the subplots and worked for around two and a half hours. After that tired enough I took a tea break. At the tea stall, people were pondering about the same subject. I realised that this not so common topic was common now. I had to search for a new one. The tea stall discussions outside the theatre are generally about plays. My research started once again but this time for a new topic. This time I was careful and in that carefulness watched all the plays in the theatre so that I would know about each of the topics running in the theatre and would write something different from them. After a day, I stumbled on a topic in an article I read and could locate the topic in the history. Connecting the dots I made a skeleton of the play and started working on the content and the opening scene. After 2 days of writing and rewriting, I started noticing that the library had no visitors these days and it was all awkward. The biggest central library with no visitors! I neglected this fact as my motive for coming to the library was fulfilling slowly. I was quite sure I would complete the play before the deadline. For three more days working day and night on the Play. The library provided for so much raw material. This material ensured knowledge level of play and was assured about the timely completion of the play. Two third of the piece was complete with 3 days to spare. I wanted to make it an open-ended play. At the last the play was complete and I bid goodbye to the library. One day before submission I rattled through the notebook to read it again but notebook was empty. I missed the submission and went to the library again, the library was closed. The library was shifted to another place.

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