The Food Item You Shouldn’t Store for Long

As you know summers are hitting or will hit in a few days and all the food you going to stock will get spoilt.

Starting of phase 2, people are now stocking food and essential commodities more than required. They’re in panic mode now. For how long will this last?

Only because of that people are stocking more. They should know that it’s not winters now, and the food will not spoil. It will only affect their health and have to run to the hospital.

As expected, some people are storing food items more than necessary.

If they are thinking to store food items in the freezer to extend the life, this is also not right.

Things You Should Know


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  1. People have bought dairy products in a heap and stored in the freezer as it will last longer than usual. Stocking milk packets or cartons and then taking them out may cause the milk to curdle. It will not be useable by the person nor anybody else.

  2. Any kind of fried products is likely to lose it’s taste if kept in the freezer for long. If you want to enjoy that crunchiness from your nuggets or etc you should eat it straight away.

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  1. Tomato sauce is a product that everyone uses. Tomato sauce is a complimentary item which is used with everything. If you are eating fried food items, sandwiches and etc. So, if you’re thinking to store it in abundance and keeping it in the freezer, you’re wrong. When you will make the sauce out, it will have a different taste, the water will get separated from it and it will have a different colour and texture.


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  1. Hold off keeping fruits and vegetables in the freezer for long, as it will affect the nutritional value and some time keeping too many fruits and vegetables mix the taste also. Although you can have dry fruits in the freezer as they will not perish away and will last longer and give you strength and nutrition.

The best thing is to avoid buying things in abundance as it will not be utilized properly. The food will not get spoiled away and use it in the bin. It will help others to timely get the food items and essential commodities.

And at this pandemic time, the focus should be on optimum utilization of resources and minimum wastage.

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