The Bath

“Why do we bath?” Mom screamed as loud as possible. “Rather tell me why should we bath?” “I think it is because of the essential fact that we should be staying clean” son replied. “Oh, wow you know that, then why in the world haven’t you taken a bath for five days now” “I” “What is it? Tell me” “I think we only bath, so that we smell good”. “Yes” “Let me complete” “So” “We bath only to smell good and that people can come close to us. We are so fragile and broken inside that we cannot bear more disappointment and rejection. We are easily disappointed hearing constant rejections one after another. Don’t you think these norms are there due to societal pressure of acceptance”. “Will you bath or not” “Is the geaser on?” “Yes, it is” “Where is the towel?” The son enquired before finally bathing.

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