Songs That Beat Stand Up

Here strikes the Aadar Guy again with his comical song “She Called Me Bhaiya”. This song is a piano version of his old song and kid you not it’ll be the best thing you’ll see today. A perfect blend of awesome singing and comedy.

aadar malik 3
She called me bhaiya, I wanna be her saiyaan, Hui daiyaa maiyaa

Aadar Malik, part of the comedy group ‘Schitzengiggles Comedy’ popularly known as SNG Comedy. Yaa, the group to which Varun Thakur aka Vicky Malhotra (Aadar ke post mein varun pe zyada baat ni podcast(TBQ) thodi hai). 4. Bh*nch*d Sutta No, I’m not talking the old school cult BC Sutta but  Aadar’s version.

BC Sutta erectile dysfunction hua, BC uska early menopause hogya, BC Sutta testube baby karliye, lekin secondhand smoke se mera infant marr gya.

3.  BMC You Screwed Me! This is how they screwed him.

You cut the water all day just for fun Just when put soap in my bum

2) Straight Gay Lesbian Bi Here’s how Aadar’s father explains sex to him.

aadar malik informed sapiens
So I asked him what are Bi’s, Don’t leave me halfway in this mess He said that bis can swing both ways of this shit their passport is what you call dual citizenship

and Here’s my favourite 1)  Oh My Goat He talks about his first pet, his goat. Ooooooooo his goat.

I like stroke your beard from start to end, it’s the same in length as my ex-girlfriend’s
aadar malik informed sapiens
I will chop every thing in my vision, how do you think I got this circumcision

Some More songs by him; –I Love DrivingZingaat

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