Some Unexplored Sites on the Web

The Internet is very big, it’s bigger than a country. Like when we go on holiday, there are many places in which we are unable to explore completely. Similarly, the Internet is not explored by us completely. There are many sites and content which is alien to us. Here are some websites which you haven’t seen and will love to explore them.

Radio Garden:

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You can listen to radio stations of any country from anywhere around the world.

2. My Fridge Food

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The company’s main is to help everyone who’s ever looked at the food in the fridge….and still went out to eat because they couldn’t decide what to make. So this site will help you to prepare food from all the items present in your fridge.

3. Unsplash

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This site provides you with free high-resolution photos, which you can use anywhere without any copyright issue.

4. Noisli

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This site improves focus and boosts your productivity. Mix different sounds and create your perfect environment which helps you study and work.

5. Localingual

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This site helps you to listen to people’s voices from all over the world.

6. Mathway

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It’s a great site for students as it solves algebra, trigonometry, calculus and many other mathematical problems including chemistry problems.

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