Sierra Burgess Is “NOT” a Loser

Netflix recently redefined the romantic comedy barrier by releasing the huge hit “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” and then, broke their own set barrier by releasing their new superhit “Sierra Burgess is a Loser” although, in all honesty, we feel like she is THE WINNER all along. The movie speaks mountains to its viewers as it gives an up close and realistic picture of high school struggles and problems which parent’s don’t “understand” (cliché).

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The movie revolves around the life of Sierra Burgess(Shannon Purser), the daughter of a well-known author who is a genius and tutors people for a living. She is a happy introverted self-sufficient girl with the companionship of her one and only friend Dan( RJ Cyler), and occasionally her parents. Exceptionally good at her studies but risking her college resume on only academics, she tries to add in some extra-curricular activities like track running and fails at them miserably and hilariously. The movie extremely accurately portrays the self-doubt of a teenager along with low self esteem points they face in life, the excruciating mind-boggling pain that one goes through before they send a selfie to their crush(we’ve all been there), the awkwardness of socializing in a party, being called names and having your originality questioned down to the very last detail.

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When she stands up to her bully Veronica(Kristine Froseth) absolutely fearlessly she tries to get back at her by giving her number to a random guy of another school Jamie(Noah Centineo) under false pretenses of it being her own number which Sierra plays along ith once she sees Jamie and eventually convinces Veronica in her catfishing adventure to help her which inevitably leads them from not being able to stand the sight of each other to Veronica running through the halls searching for Sierra and hugging her. Although their catfishing adventure is fun and exciting at first it soon gets them into some hot trouble.

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Speaking of hot trouble, Can someone just give “Casanova of the Century” award to Noah Centino. Centino, you beast, stop making us fall in love with you and please consider a few other film genres except romance or guys all over the world are going to be forever single and die alone because you’re setting the boyfriend expectation bar WAY too high. Noah Centino, or as all the girls and guys might know him of “Peter Kavinsky” and “Jamie” now plays a sweet innocent jock who has a completely different side to him than the stereotypical jock that often comes to mind. All the cast plays their roles extremely well and overall we would recommend you a psych ward if you don’t like this movie and if you haven’t seen it already. For heaven’s sake, watch it already!

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