Sacred Games: Raising the bar for web series

We really hope your beers are chilled and snacks are hot cause this series is smoking! So, get ready for an 8 hour binge and having your eyes glued to this show. Why you ask? Well, when you base a series on a 1000 page book by Vikram Chandra, get it to be directed by the legendary Vikramaditya Motwane and the luminary Anurag Kashyap with a touch of Netflix and DON’T dip it in the Bollywood censor board you get a dish so tasty, you suck your fingers to the bone. The cast includes superstars like Saif Ali Khan starring as a Sikh low-level cop and Nawazuddin Siddiqui as a Brahman turned gangster and many others popular celebs like Radhika Apte, Surveen Chawla and a special shoutout to Kubbra Sait(for her dedication and amazing skills to the role of Kukoo). The show is set in the 1990’s when crime was on rising and the Congress was in power, there has been a backlash by the Congress party as they have filed a petition against Netflix for Nawazuddin Siddique’s character abusing Rahul Gandhi in one of the episodes(which just goes to prove that if it gets political backlash it’s a must watch). The dialogues are simply amazing. Partially concentrating on religion, the show is a literal definition of how religion has it’s way of sneaking into some aspects of life to even controlling many others. Every episode is a mix between the life of average cop Sartaj Sing(Saif Ali Khan) to gangster Ganesh Gaitonde(Nawazuddin Sidiqqui). A tip from Gaitonde leaves Sartaj running around through Mumbai in the attempts to save it from impending doom in 25 days. The story revolves around Sartaj, a cop who wants to be honest and humble but faces trouble with his dishonest department and Gaitonde, of how he rises to power from being the simple village boy of a beggar priest to the most ruthless and feared gangster of Mumbai.

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