PUBG: The Newest Most Addictive Game

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you have to know about PUBG or Players Unknown Battle Grounds. A newest most hottest Battle Royale Game that has been spreading throughout the World like wildfire. This game has been getting a lot of widespread attention and has covered up a lot of sectors. So first off what is PUBG? Well, it’s a battle royale game, like Fortnite, Isle of Nyne etc. PUBG basically has a concept that a 100 people are dropped off on an isolated Island with homes and places from a plane. The players will land with their clothing and a parachute for the drop. Upon landing the players have to look for weapons melee and Automatic such as pistols, Shotguns, Rifles, Sniper Rifles etc. The players can land solo, with a partner or in a squad of 4 players max. As of now, there are 3 different maps in PUBG(Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok) More are awaited but it’s not like the fun dying in here. After landing and collecting their gear, the players have to stay within a blue zone which does damage if you fall out of it and eventually, if not staying within leads you to die or get knocked out. As the zone keeps getting smaller, the players have to kill every other player that has landed making the last man standing the winner of the game. The game requires immense close combat strategy as well as sniping strategies. You can talk to your squad over voice chat and plan accordingly. Cars, bikes, and buggies are also provided to travel easily making it easier to escape the zone from. At certain points, the plane also passes over again and again to drop a supply crate or a care package which contains extraordinary weapons dealing much greater damage than the normal ones you find in loot. In the events of a players death, they turn into a crate which can also be looted by anyone.

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