Post-Diwali Hangover

Diwali the festival which is celebrated with all the efforts around the world leaves a bad hangover for all of us maybe gifting us this pollution as a Diwali gift to us.

Harmful pollutants which are present in the atmosphere which makes the air poisonous is what air pollution is all about. When this polluted air gets into the human body it leaves its impact majorly over the respiratory organs of the human body. The tall chimneys of factories emit out smoke and pollute the air. The smoke spewed by trucks, buses and other vehicles spreads poisonous gases as well as suspended particulate matter.

Consequently, city dwellers have become victims of incurable chest-related diseases. In hailing fresh pure air has become a thing of the past. Pollution has reached a certain level that it has even affected the ozone layer to a great extent. Some of the major diseases caused by air pollution are as follows:

 Outdoor air pollution • 40% – ischaemic heart disease • 40% – stroke • 11% – chronic obstructive pulmonary disease • 6% – lung cancer • 3% – acute lower respiratory infections in children

 Indoor air pollution • 34% – stroke • 26% – Coronary artery disease|ischaemic heart d111isease • 22% – COPD • 12% – acute lower respiratory infections in children • 6% – lung cancer

If we want to make a change we need to start taking measures from today on. There are a few measures which we all need to start taking from now on to live a healthy life.

• Don’t Smoke and Don’t let anyone smoke around your surroundings • Use a mask while going out from your house. • Avoid physical contact with infected person. • If exposed to infection should seek doctor’s advice immediately. • Aerobic exercise helps improve your lung capacity. • Avoid exercising outdoor especially in the high-traffic area. • Planting more and more trees. • Take steam daily. • Increase the intake of Herbal tea in your routine.

Some effective measures should be taken by every individual to manage it besides introducing air purifiers.

Help yourself and everyone else breathe easier. Support national, state and local efforts to clean up sources of pollution. Your life and the life of someone you love may depend on it.

it’s an issue to be looked immediately for our own convictions and to take some action from now onwards to manage it and to leave a better place to live for our future generation.

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