Photography: Concept and Art

  1. “In photography, there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.” — Alfred Stieglitz

Many people wonder that “Is photography is an art or science?” Just like management, photography is “both an Art and as well as Science”. The definition of photography varies from person to person. Some people say that ” Photography is an art of showing things to other from photographer’s point of view” and some say that “Photography is just capturing the moments in form of a picture”, different people have different opinions.

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  1. Street Photography

  2. Fashion Photography

  3. Food Photography

  4. Wedding Photography

  5. Aerial Photography

  6. Nature Photography

  7. Landscape Photography

  8. Travel Photography

  9. Wildlife Photography

  10. Photojournalism, etc.

“What is meant by Professional Photography?” Most frequently asked question. A professional photographer is referred to that person who indulged in only one genre, like wedding photographers or Fashion photographers and their main source of earning is photography. Imparting of photography education is also counted. One of the most renowned photographer Mr. Dabboo Ratnani, India’s top fashion photographer who is known for his Bollywood Calendar will be considered as a professional photographer as he earns his livelihood from it.

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