“Hey how are you?” “I’m fine and how are you?” “I’m doing just fine.” “So how has life been?” “A little joyful melody with some dark notes that play at certain intervals before the finest piece of music. And, what about you?” “That’s great. You’ve been poetic ab initio. Me? I feel trapped most of the time in a vicious circle of absurdity that people tend to call life.” “And who are those people?” “The people all around me, friends who think for future and have no certainty of present. People who, give me advice, themselves aren’t able to do what they wanted to.” “Do you hate them or are you just jealous?” “What do you mean? I do neither of that.” “No friend you do either of that, but in fact both.” “How can you be so sure?” “I can be so sure because I’ve experience this years ago and I’ve felt the same way. I had the same reasons.” “So what should I do?” “Let it be. Let the things be what they are. And you be what you really are.” “Who and what am I?” “That I don’t know. Discover your identity in you not in others.” “Man, you just saved me.” “No you just saved me again!” The man replied to the photograph he talked to. A photograph of his adolescence.

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