Perks of Having A Family Business

Many 90s’ kids must have gone through this phrase “Tere Baap Ka Business hai, Tu Kyu Padd Raha Hai?”(Your father is a businessman, why are you studying and wasting his money?), and many other such vague comments. These comments mostly come from those friends who are jealous of you or they think that you don’t deserve to be your father’s kid.

People who say these kinds of words should be penalised (Lol, that’s never gonna happen as far as the Indian Government is busy making statues.) If you take the heart and mind of these kids (who have a family business), you will find a huge amount of these kinds of comments, which is sufficient to make them mentally challenged.

So its a humble request to those friends who mock their friends (having a family business) by saying these kinds of foolish statements, “God is watching you”. (Don’t think that your friend is Nick Young from Crazy Rich Asians.)

Let’s analyze the scenario and find the Perks and Loss of having a family business.

Starting with the perks ( as everyone wants to have good news first)

It’s a kind of back up for future if you don’t get admissions in college for PostGrad,

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     2. Your parents will never ever force you to do things which you don’t want to do.

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3. You become a job creator for others.(Best feeling)

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      4. With your gifted business knowledge and skills, you can score good marks in busness oriented subjects.

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      5. Most important that you can afford most of the things that you wish to. (Kind of show off.)

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(If you have watched Justice League than you will be able to hear this picture.)

Now its time for some shock (Hope, everyone can relate.)

All the cons have been discussed in the opening paragraph. (Do you think that we will write it again? No, we do smart work)

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