Periods: Not The TABOO

Today, we live in a modern society where we talk about everything. Is it really truth?? We usually talk about all the damn things but when it comes to the topic “PERIODS” then it treated as a bad thing. Please don’t talk about that topic. It is impure. I said, “why?” The society where we live in is really messed up.

When I was in my 1st menstrual cycle, I was feeling very bad. What is this? It is not fare. Why only girls suffer the pain? Why boys don’t have this pain and cramps? Why this discrimination? Why we suffer this pain and cramps?

My mother told me to never discuss it publicly. She also said that in those days, you are not allowed to go to the kitchen o to cook anything, you can’t wash your hairs, stay away from pickles, can’t go to the holy places to worship God and so on. I said to my mom, “why are you treating me like the impure girl?” There are so many superstitions connected with this.

So, society please grow up. It is natural. I bleed every month and I deal with it. We share everything with everybody so why we don’t share this. It is normal. It happens with every girl. It’s the right time to speak publicly about menstruation. Don’t hesitate, don’t be shy, Talk freely and live freely. It’s all about bleed and nothing.

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