Perception of a Danseur

Dance from time immemorial has been considered to be a part of a language. Every movement made by the dancer is considered to be a word of this special language. I see dance being used as communication between the body and soul, to express what is too deep for words to find. Hours of hard work are put in by the dancer to create the effect of ‘rasa’ or emotion which she so desires to evoke in her audience. When you see a dancer dance, you can see her soul mix with the cosmos of the universe and her dance over time transports you to a different level of spiritual understanding. Dance can be thought of as a way of both- finding yourself and losing yourself. It helps you in finding your own identity and experiencing the love that the audience has in store for you. It also helps you to lose yourself in your dance and feel connected with your conscience and inner devotion. The sweat a dancer experiences after a performance is like a trophy at an award ceremony- a fruit of hard work…..pure Bliss! Dancers don’t just dance, they perform, they breathe. They watch the world disappear and release their feelings. They stop feeling sad and lose the pain. They let go and smile. No, they don’t just dance but they do so much more.

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