Pakora And A Lot of Rokda(Money)

Earlier this year our beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed Selling Pakoras is a job and obviously, he is right.

People amidst the statement made fun of him. But the news below will shut their mouths forever.

pakora seller surrenders 60 lakhs

And the incident of Panna Lal Pakore wala in Ludhiana has revealed the success of Pakoras. Panna Lal runs a couple of shops in Punjab Ludhiana and has been making a whopping amount from it. This Pakora really made a lot of Rokda(money as they say in tapori language)

So whopping that Panna sir had to keep the secret to himself. But secrets come out and if doesn’t then Income tax Department comes to it.

pakora seller surrenders 60 lakhs

In a surprise visit to Panna Lal’s Pakora shop not only to taste his Punjab famous delicacy, the officials before biting the pakora and just after dipping it into the chutney. Found that Panna Lal had surrendered an amount of 60 Lakh.

(This is a light-hearted article written with a pinch of salt. It would be better if it’ll be read with two pinches.)

Image Source: Google Images

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