Now Driving Wrong Side Can Hurt Your Tyres

When someone is stuck in the traffic jam or is in a hurry to go somewhere, they usually go the wrong side of the road to avoid the traffic but sometimes it leads to the increase in the traffic jam. To curb this malpractice of the citizen, that increases the traffic jam instead of skipping it, the government has introduced speed breakers that will kill your vehicles’ tyres.

These new special installed speed breakers are called Tyre killers that are metal stripes installed on roads with sharp spikes on one side. For those driving on the correct side, the spikes would cause no harm and would be nothing more than a small bump, like a speed breaker, on the road. And for those driving on the wrong side, the spikes can puncture tyres.

Pune was the first city in India to install such a device, but these were removed within a month. It became controversial after accidents took place due to vehicles losing balance because of the punctured tyres.

The tyre killers have been specifically designed to take a vehicle load of up to 40 tons. The cost of these killer speed breakers is Rs.17,000 per metre.

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Sign Boards has also been installed warning people of tyre killers ahead.

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