New-Season of Apex Legends Is Here…

Apex legends have gain popularity in a short span. It has excellent reviews as per the battle royale game. Recently season 4 “Assimilating” has been released and now it is going to end on 12 May 2020. Season 4 has sweet reviews, people enjoy the map changes, weapons, gameplay, and various events.

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EA Sports and Respawn entertainment coming up with amazing season with continuing the story and the release time of between 6 pm and 8 pm GMT on May 12, 2020. Season 5 “Fortune’s Favour” is focused on the new legend Loba Andrade.  How she is trying to take revenge for her father’s death from the Revenant (season 4’s main legend).

As the new season commences there will be Certain changes starting with the new legend Loba has been introduced to the game with unique abilities. Seeing her abilities, As Passive ability, she can see loot through walls. As Tactical ability: she can do mid-range teleporting through a bangle, which she wears. As her Ultimate ability, she uses a device that steals all the nearby loot.

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There have been certain changes in the King’s Canyon (map of apex legends) as the skull town and Thunderdome have been replaced by a new area name “Salvage” a newly formed bay.

In this season there will be a quest name “broken ghost” which will be season-long search to find nine pieces of a mysterious artefact. For this one must collect daily treasure packs (these are new loot items which do not go to your backpacks. They are collected immediately during the game), which will be maxed one per day, to unlock rewards and new hunts for the missing pieces. Success in each hunt will lead to more rewards and unlock serial chapters that tell the Story of “The Broken Ghost”.  This will be the first-time apex legends is going to introduce a season like this.

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