Most Safest Place To Schedule A Blind Date(People Living In Metro Cities)

“Har Kisi Ko Nhi Milta Yaha Pyaar Zindagi Mein, Agar Mil Jayte Toh Chhodna Kyu”.

In today’s time, dating apps are more famous than the matrimony sites. Tinder, Happn, Quack Quack are such examples of these dating apps. You will find at least one of these mentioned apps in the phones of 80% of the country’s population.

These apps are so much in the trend that every millennial kid use these dating apps more than facebook. Due to this now Facebook have launched this similar feature to their platform.

When you got connected to a person through these apps, the first thought that comes in your mind is that ” Where can I meet them?” Especially for girls, this question is a serious concern for them. No worries! We have a solution to this one major problem.

People Living in Metropolitan Cities (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata etc.)

As the name says Metropolitan City, Metro Station is the best place to meet someone through dating app. As far as safety is concerned metro station is best. Nowadays, you can find different food joints at the metro stations, so no need to worry about the coffee which is an essential part of a successful date.

How metro can be a suitable place for a date:

If the other person brings their friend(s) with them than you can simply disappear with the crowd, without letting anyone know about it.

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      2. If anyone feels that the person is not right and you feel suspicious about them(someone wanted, lol!)                                                    then you can simply call the police. 

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     3. If someone directly says that metro is not a good place for a meeting then you can simply say no to that person for meeting t           them at another place, you can take this gesture as a sign of danger. 

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