Money Heist Season 4: Nairobi Para Siempre

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A while ago, I saw a meme(like every day) where the professor’s face had the caption “If I get stuck sometimes, this is the guy I want getting me out” and that little meme that I although ignored at the moment caught a space in my mind and at 2 AM, I was on my Netflix, unable to sleep, deciding to heckle it, given all the fuss around it. Not even in my wildest dream would I’ve imagined that I would fall in love so much so with a series. With perfect cinematography, excellent direction, beyond impeccable characterization, a story with no cliché heist twists and a cast so perfectly picked, that they do complete justice to the role. 

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The series never revolves around just one character but also never leaves around neglecting a character, not even the antagonists. We see the cast going through high value and high-pressure heists going through all sorts of emotions and all along they speak SPANISH! Netflix has been very kind as to provide English audio but with Spanish audio and English subtitles is more than enough to make you fall in love with language, I mean, French who? And if you plan on watching it after this article we’d strongly recommend Spanish audio, no offence Netflix, but English is just butchering the beautiful series to a million pieces just like our heart.

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SPOILER AHEAD: Season 4 ends on a bittersweet note. The team reunites with Lisbon, and the professor with his immortal wit absolutely massacres the police and the government giving them a death of a thousand cuts after the disturbing news of Nairobi’s death.

He never for a second uses her death, rather makes sure that her bubbly teammate receives the heroic funeral that she so much deserves. The gang writes on her coffin “La Puta Ama” or also “The Fucking Boss” as she says to Alison Parker in the prior episodes. We also feel incredibly great with Gandia becoming immobile and finally tamed by Palermo and the gang.

A special shoutout to Alicia, Gandia and Arturo Roman for performing their roles so great that we do end up hating them in real life. You guys have successfully joined the brilliant actors’ group with Lena Headey aka Cersei Lannister. It takes a special talent to perform so brilliantly that even the audience finds you despicable. We are now waiting on season 5 of money heist impatiently, so Netflix, if you are reading these, please, stop playing with our hearts and gives us season 5 already.

What else are we going to do in this quarantine, right? I mean who can get us out of this lockdown, ahem, unless… professor, could you maybe help us out?

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