Misogynistic 16 yr Olds And Their Locker Rooms

Locker Rooms, A new virtual space to talk about girls on Instagram and other social platforms.

We all have that one friend who is not on social media or avoids going there altogether. Well to that one friend we say, ignorance is bliss. As for all of us, it wasn’t so blissful when our lockdowns became truly miserable as we found out that there was a widespread Insta group chat majorly consistent of some South Delhi guys kids. Literal, 16-year-old kids, that had the audacity to exchange nudes of different girls, passing absolutely lewd and disgusting comment and if that wasn’t all, they found profiles of faultless women and “doctored” their images into full-fledged nudes! (on Locker Rooms)

And hold up, because if you think this cannot get any worse, sadly, it does. To the brave girl who we tip out hats to, and who shared these images and brought out these creeps into the light, she got photoshopped too! Soon after, a screenshot of a snapshot of these Locker Rooms conversation was also leaked where they were making plans on calling her to draw her out and gang-raping her! In what world is this anywhere even remotely close to being forgivable. These 16-year-old creeps instead of having an ounce of regret or morality, or even fleeing away from it felt the need to own up to their deplorable behaviour and attempt to become full-fledged rapists! God forbid had they actually gone through with it!

As always, quick to the response after the deed is done, Delhi police have booked these kids under section 66A of IT act under cyberbullying. We hope to receive more news regarding this and hope this ends on a positive note, however, hope is bleak as there have also been rumours around the fact that someone has made another group called locker room 3 and have encouraged previous users to create fake ID’s.

Somewhere, also rises the fault of a society that allowed these kids to grow up like this. A community that doesn’t teach sex ed, an app that doesn’t know what’s happening in its platform, the cyber cell who couldn’t monitor online activity. People are quick to blame parents in scenarios like this whereas we think parents are not to blame in this. They were most probably just giving their kids the space they thought their kids deserved. The bottom line is, you know deep down, that somewhere, something is not wrong, but BROKEN in our society when not one but a group, with a singular belief adhering to toxic masculinity and with a disgusting goal of perversion of faultless women. This was the work of kids, literal kids who were more concerned with this locker room non-sense rather than there board exams or literally anything else at this young age. “This” is the only thing they could come up with to pass there time. It broke my heart as a man when one of my friends(a woman) that I shared this with said in a completely normal tone that “I’ve seen like 20 of these groups and pointed them out, this is becoming generic” The very end of the sentence had my head down in shame. The fact that this happens to women on a daily basis is sad and the fact that some of them have accepted it is even worse. This doesn’t “require” change it screams for “change”.

Already so much has happened in the last week, deaths, government opening liquor shops to recover the economy and many other such things which shouldn’t have happened.

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