MIRZAPUR- Another Virgin Mojito In The List Of “NIMBU PANI”.

Here comes the answer from Amazon Prime to Netflix’s Sacred Games in the name of Mirzapur. It is most likely to be compared to sacred games as from its trailer we can conclude that it is full of action, rawness in the form of foul language and some sensuous moments too. The story is based on the “Gunda Raj” which is shown in the city of Mirzapur. Firstly it was ruled by the Thakur family who was murdered by the Tripathi family and their supporters. the head of the family “Bauji” (played by Kulbhushan Kharbanda)

Takes the control of the Mirzapur thrown and declares that only his family will rule it from now as he gave Mirzapur to his son and another part to his grandson which felt like a mock on the calibre of their one of the most loyal member Rati Shankar Shukla which he couldn’t swallow so he attacked the Tripathi family. But he was unsuccessful in his mission but shot Bauji which makes his legs paralysed for the rest of his life. Bauji then gave Shukla some part of his kingdom to him and told him to never look back at Mirzapur.

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This was the beginning of the rivalry of Shukla with the Tripathi family. Akhandanand Tripathi “king of Mirzapur”(played by the great Pankaj Tripathi) also known as Kaleen Bhaiya (as he is a carpet manufacturer )  is not shown that much violent as you may expect, rather he is quite calm and likes to do his work sensibly. He believes in staying back and let his boys do the work, but is very smart and clever as a king should be to guard his thrown. Beena Tripathi(played by Rasika Dugal), wife of Kaleen Bhaiya is his second wife who is sexually unsatisfied by her husband and is always in search of immense pleasure from anyone around, she even hits on her stepson. All the sexual content which you will be looking for is mostly provided by her. She somehow finds someone who quenches her thirst for pleasure who is their servant Raja.

Munna Tripathi (played by Divyendu Sharma) is always involved in all kinds of drugs and violence. He loves to access his powers and is amongst the characters who are getting maximum screen time. He is annoyed by his father at times and wants to overthrow him from the throne to become the king of Mirzapur.

Now let’s get on to the protagonists of the story or we can say the backbone of the story, Guddu pandit(played by Ali Fazal) is not interested into studies and as a result, he fails for two years. He is more into bodybuilding stuff and aspires to become Mr Poorvanchal. Ali Fazal just completely transformed himself into a humongous beast which was just phenomenal. And it was not just his body but his acting was also equally amazing. Now comes Bablu pandit(played by Vikrant Massey) is Guddu’s younger brother and has a completely contrasting personality to him. He is more into studies and even wanted to become an IAS officer.

Ramakant pandit(played by Rajesh Tailing ) is a lawyer who is fearless and true towards his work, father of Guddu and Bablu.

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Now let’s get on to the story. Munna and his friends went into a baraat and were dancing and firing, suddenly we see splashes of blood on the white horse cut to the death of the groom. At first, it seemed like an accident but was intentionally done. The family members of the groom come to Ramakant and he takes up the case as soon as he sees Munna’s photo. Munna comes to their home in order to threaten him so he could drop the case but tables are turned and pandit family holds an upper hand on them all. Guddu beats the shit out of Munna and then this news reaches to Kaleen bhaiya and Bablu and Guddu are called at Tripathi Nivas. Kaleen, in turn, gives them an opportunity to join his gang. Finally, they both decide to join him which was a complete disgrace to their father. Both Pandit boys get to work and were taking Kaleen’s business to new heights. kaleen was very impressed with their work but Munna was n’t, deep down the fire of vengeance was still alive. Meanwhile, Shukla plans to attack the Tripathi’s so he could acquire Mirzapur but was unsuccessful. the pandit brothers were making their names among the crowd, and somewhere or the other were dishonouring the orders of Munna as they say they work for Kaleen. one fine day there is an entry of the new officer Maurya who is sent to sweep off dirt from the city orders his special team to kill pandit bros. the bros somehow manage to escape and went underground. then they went for a deal into Shukla’s territory and Guddu shoots Shukla for inappropriate behaviour. They have made their “dabdaba” and were the lions of Mirzapur. Guddu was really into killing and was completely enjoying it whereas Bablu wanted to move out from this world. Kaalin anticipated that they both could be a threat for him so he transferred the powers to his son Munna and ordered for the life of the pandit boys. Munna was prepared and always wanted to enjoy this power and take his revenge from the two, so he went in search for them to Gorakhpur. There he kills Bublu Guddu’s wife and Guddu(almost). Now you guys might be thinking that what is left for the second season, so we see in the last episode that Shukla’s son wants to take the revenge of his father, Guddu is saved and Kaalin bhaiya kills Maurya.

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Now its time for my take on Mirzapur, there is nothing new in the story, it’s quite similar to gangs of Wasseypur but since everyone is bored from the saas-bahu dramas and some animal things and are more interested in firing, action , gaali galauch , little bit of romance and some steaming hot scenes , its worth a watch . To my surprise, I never expected guddu to survive as he was shot 3 times one on the back, on both the legs and the monologue was quite long as well, but then who will take the revenge from the Tripathi ’s.

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