Meeting An Old Friend

We met after a long time, the last we met was in March of 2016. Though we have had chats regularly. This day will be special, meeting an old friend is always a pleasure. We don’t live much far from each other but then we both are busy, he’s focused and I’m trying to be. We have been quite similar to one another. Our perspectives resemble, but the approach differs. These things don’t affect our bond. We’ll meet at the metro station after an hour. Yes, we couldn’t find anyplace else to meet. I just joked about meeting at the metro and he said yes. Maybe after meeting we’ll head to another place. I know we would end up chatting and wandering. The discussion will be concerned about future plans and other things related to it. Though, It’s useless for me to talk about my plans I change them constantly. I always exaggerate about my plans and end up not doing a thing. Oh, I’m a gifted astrologer, I could foretell the meeting. It all happened as I had predicted. Damn if I had predicted something else it would have had surely happened. He reminded me of my previous goals which I had long forgotten after the day I had told him. We talked a lot in a structured manner. We both have changed. Our childish innocence is lost for the focus we are trying to strive. He again reminded me to stay focused. We bid a goodbye to each other. I came back home and slept till morning.

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