Media in Violence is Not Related With Media in Society

Media play important role in our lives. With the help of media, we get update about the events which are happening around the world. We get to know about the actors, politicians and many other people. Media helps us to know about the real face of some politicians by broadcasting interviews. It creates a fear in the mind of people who take bribe For their own profits.

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We can’t blame the media for violence particularly. We can say that media influence our behaviour but we are not fools that we can’t make decisions by ourselves. Nobody murder to someone just by seeing the violent act in media. Media influence us to some extent.

You can’t neglect its positive results. Through watching violence in television shows, We get to know about the penalties, fines or imprisonment so, we don’t commit violent act in real life. We can’t hold responsible only the media for violence.

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As we have seen the rap (Apna time Aayga) in movie Gully Boy in which actor itself said that his voice can’t be silenced so it will bring attention towards the Hip Hop culture in India. After seeing such movies, we learn something different which we didn’t know before this movie.

We have no evidence that supports the claims that violence in media and violence in the real world are connected so by how we can say that. By this misunderstanding, we just delaying our efforts to address the actual reason responsible for the violence.

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