Making Delhi Noise Pollution Free Zone

We all must have seen the driver of any vehicle use horn as a machine gun. Yesterday, one our employee was going to Rohini sec-5 for some office work and he found there was a traffic jam on the outer ring road.

As it’s a no honking zone, but still people use their hands to hurt other’s eardrum. People don’t even think twice before taking any action.

The full road was packed due to an accident and still, people were blowing and blowing the horn on the top of their voices.

From next week onwards if cops find you honking at Mandir Marg or any other no honking zone, you will be booked. The teams will be deployed on the list of stretches given below.

  1. Residential Areas

  2. Outside all the colleges of North and South Delhi

  3. Outside schools

  4. Near all hospitals

A fine of Rs. 100 will be charged from those who found honking in these areas. The police have come up with a list of 60 places which have been marked as no-honking zones.

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