Luke Cage Season 2: Harlem's Hero wins some loses some

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Luke Cage Season 2 We hope your popcorn packs are popping in the microwave cause after Jessica Jones’ Season 2, Netflix-Marvel is back with another mind-altering season of the bullet-proof Luke Cage. Unlike Black Panther, the season made more of a mark on Black Hollywood. After the end of season 1, we don’t see DiamondBack return after the suspense but he sure won’t be given much time to miss as we see Carl Lucas aka Luke Cage run around the streets of Harlem as its sheriff shutting down drug labs and fighting goons. In this season, we see Luke not only having to fight against the villainous Mariah Dillard, Bushmaster, and Shroud but also fighting the fight within, trying to adjust his moral compass and bringing himself to terms with his father Rev. James Lucas (played by the late Reg. E. Jones). Luke’s anger is seen at its worst when his actions push away Claire leading her to terminate their relation(fingers crossed for Jessica Cage) as he starts reminding her of all the domestic violence she went through as a child and also when he almost beats a guy within an inch of his life in front his wife and child. There are many points at which Luke is shown to be equal to the villain of the season John “Bushmaster” McIver and is also pointed out by many other characters including Bushmaster himself to Luke, which he obviously refuses thinking he doesn’t kill people whereas they are similarities only visible to the viewers. For that matter, we see not only Luke having to adjust his moral compass but also Misty Knight and Hernan Alvarez aka Shades. Misty Knight is rewarded the purple heart and a huge sum of money after her effort in defeating the Immortal Hand during “Defenders” in which she loses her arm, although she is shown to receive a highly advanced bionic arm by Rand Enterprises, still, she is not quite settled with the indefinite leave as she goes back to being a detective after a while once she learns that all the criminals have been released due to Scarfe’s unfair means to justice. We also see Misty leaning towards the dark side by almost planting evidence on Dontrell Hamilton aka Cockroach but turns around in the last moment. Shades is also seen to go through an emotional rollercoaster after he kills his childhood friend Darius “Comanche” Jones when he finds out that his childhood friend has turned on him by being an informant to the police and is later shown to ironically himself be an informant to the police by ratting out Mariah Dillard.

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