Love with Homosexual is Not Guilt

Freedom is important in everybody’s life. We have completed our 72 years of independence. Our constitution of India gives equal right to each and every citizen but is it really happen? Have all got freedom or not? But what happened to the people who are transgender. Is these people not a citizen of India?

Finally, Sec 377 abolished. It was uncultured which must be revoked. Maybe, when this section came into force, the Britishers thought that love between same sex is a bad thing. Transgenders are not able to reproduce so how is it possible. There will also be a bad effect on our upcoming generation so for that time, a taboo is necessary but now the things have changed. We live in that society where every person have equal rights whether there is a right to love for anybody.

It is FINE if we are different from others. Sometimes you feel better when you express your feelings or emotions towards your loved ones. This is the real you. Just go ahead and ahead.

After years of long battle, transgenders declare “third gender”. They have all rights under law including marriage, adoption, succession, divorce, and inheritance. If anybody can live their life according to their own choices then LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) communities should also have the freedom to decide.

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