Love Passed By

I like a guy

He’s sweet, he’s shy, he’s an introvert!

So am I…

We talk, we do but…

On that online chat box

I want to talk to him on the face, but this awkwardness comes again

It stops me from making a move, oh how terrible it makes me feel

A helpless soul who wants to talk to ‘him’

I want to make a move, I decide one day to do it, the other day on seeing him, I lose my confidence.

Being an introvert is the best thing in the world but can be the worst, at the same time.

I think he likes me…I think that he doesn’t

Uhhhhh so confusing, want to confess and not to

Oh, he’s such a cutie, I want him to be mine but…. feelings can never be forced.

I want to confess so that I get a closure

For once and for all, “Aar ya paar”


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