Let’s Say Goodbye To The Most Happening Year

As another year came to end, let’s have a look at all those things that bought laughter in our depressed life. Handful events that took place in 2018 that were shocking, disturbing, hilarious but at the end, we should say goodbye to the year on a happy note.

Let’s have a look at some trending things that were in the limelight this year.

Hello Friends, Chai Pee Lo!

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This chai wali aunty’s video got viral overnight and many memes were shared on the social media. Her famous dialogue “Hello Friends, Chai Pee Lo” was used by many YouTubers in their sketch.

Ankh Mare Au Ladki Ankh Mare

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This 5-second wink helped her to reach 5 million+ Instagram followers, but this film didn’t hit the theatres as it was supposed to be released in September 2018.

Rahul Gandhi’s Mindblowing Invention

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Rahul Gandhi said ” Ek Aisi MAchine Banaunga Ki Ek SIde Sey Aloo Daloo And Dusri Side Se Sona Niklega”. We think he is ready with the blueprint and design, he just needs a proper team to execute this master plan of making the country poverty-free.

#MeToo Movement

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The wave of MeToo movement came to like the snap of Thanos. The snap wiped out the half of the human race present on earth similarily Tanushree Dutta’s MeToo snap encouraged many celebrities to share their MeToo experiences and this cause trouble in the lives of many directors, actors and producers.

PUBG Plague

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Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you have to know about PUBG or Players Unknown Battle Grounds. A newest most hottest Battle Royale Game that has been spreading throughout the World like wildfire. This game has been getting a lot of widespread attention.

Sacred Games and Mirzapur

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This year many films may come and go but none of those films matched the level of these two Indian Web Series. These shows are one you just can’t miss out on cause this will be something like missing out something in life.

When Uber Eats No One Sees When Zomato Eats than Everyone Sees

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The video, which was filmed in Madurai in southern India, shows a man wearing a Zomato shirt sitting on a moped eating food out of boxed orders then resealing them and putting them back into a delivery bag.

The video has been viewed thousands of times on social media. Zomato also said “they will soon introduce tamper-proof tapes and “educate their delivery fleet as a further precaution against food tampering”.

Sec 377 Abolished

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Freedom is important in everybody’s life. We have completed our 72 years of independence. Our constitution of India gives equal right to each and every citizen but is it really happen? Have all got freedom or not? But what happened to the people who are transgender. Is these people not a citizen of India?

It is FINE if we are different from others. Sometimes you feel better when you express your feelings or emotions towards your loved ones. This is the real you. Just go ahead and ahead.

After years of long battle, transgenders declare “third gender”. They have all rights under law including marriage, adoption, succession, divorce, and inheritance. If anybody can live their life according to their own choices then LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) communities should also have the freedom to decide.

A hell lot of events and things happened in 2018. It’s good to say bye to those things and hug the new problems for the new year. Many people make new year resolutions and broke them.

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Let’s say Hi to the year 2019 with a smile.

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