Learn How to PARTY Everyday Just in FOUR Easy Steps

We all wonder by seeing our friend’s snapchat stories of a pub or a lounge or a bar with loud music and drinks in hand, living life in their own style. Ever wonder how they are able to do so. Have you ever felt that your life is boring and your friend’s life full of  “Aish and Mazze” If you haven’t then it’s a good sign, you are peace and if you have given a thought to it than, are you at peace?

Everyone wants to party every motherf#$^ing day, but it’s not possible due to obvious reasons. To do so you need to do certain things which will definitely help you to achieve your dream to party every day. “Caution: Please follow these steps at your own risk”. 

Step 1: You need to born in a rich family.

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Step 2: After the age 18, you can ask them to give pocket in form of salary. (because pocket money is petite and is only in 3 or 4 digit figure but salary is far better as it’s 5 digit figure and can be spent thoroughly.)  

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Step 3: You need to make some rich friends, who can do a party and spend money every day.

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Step 4: After performing all the first 3 steps, now you are ready to party. Just go and live your life at fullest.

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P.S. The above-mentioned stunt to be performed at your own risk, we are not responsible for your loss.

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