Ladies, Here Are Six Gifts You Could Ask Your Brothers To Gift You This Bhaidooj

From getting mocked over anything and everything vis-a-vis your appearance, to making it alive through his WWE inspired body-slams, sisters around the world have had to undergo an array of sweet-tortures at the hands of their brothers. But hey, you are smart, aren’t you? You know that the best way of getting back at your brothers for driving you insane on an almost daily basis is to ask for, no scratch that, DEMAND for the best gifts a girl could get on festive occasions.

May the Lord bless the souls of those wise folks who pioneered the idea of festivals like Bhai Dooj and Raksha Bandhan, which require brothers to gift their sisters the nicest of things (provided someone guides them in the right direction).  And like everything else in their lives, this task would also come on your shoulders. And so on that note ladies, here are six gifts you can your brother to get you on the occasion of Bhai Dooj.

1. The iDiva Beauty Box


Save your ditzy brother from the struggle of running across beauty-stores and scrolling through a multitude of websites, by asking for this amazing iDiva beauty box. This 11-product treasure of top-grade beauty-wares comprises of everything that you require to look phenomenal all 365 days of the year! After all, where else will you get a Kohl Kajal from Plum, a rose gold daily oil from Indulgeo Essentials and an anti-ageing BB cream from Olay in one grooming box?

Price: INR 1699

2. This Classic Tote Bag From ALDO


Nothing beats the charm of a classic-black tote bag, which can be conveniently paired with anything and everything. Wittily slip the idea of this elegant black variant into your brother’s mind, and enjoy its sophisticated appeal as soon as it arrives at your doorstep.

Price: INR 4,919

3. This Peach-Coloured Analog Wrist Watch From Fossil


Have you always harboured a deep down admiration for elegant watches? Well, then you better NOT rely on your dearest brother for getting you a stylish wrist watch, for he may end up buying something absolutely off the wall. Instead, make him get you this intricately crafted timepiece with a pretty-peach dial, a classic beige strap, and unparalleled charm.

Price: INR 4,995

4. These Supremely Comfortable Leather Boots From Steve Madden


A classy woman can’t break away from donning something in leather. Flood your brother’s inbox with the buying link of these chic, black leather boots. Available in three different colours (black, olive and grey), these boots are easy to slip in and make for the perfect attire for an evening date or a social gathering with your girlfriends.

Price:INR 3,599

5. These Super Useful Wireless Earphones From Skullcandy


Tangled earphones can be just as irksome as your brother fighting with you over what to watch on your Netflix account! Remind him of the same and ask him to gift you these trendy wireless earphones from Skullcandy that come equipped with a secure fit flex sporttm collar and a rechargeable battery that can last up to nine hours! The sweat resistant construction ends up being a bonus, especially if you happen to be a gym freak.

Price:INR 4,8400

6. The Amazon Kindle That Makes For The Perfect For All Book-Lovers Out There


Don’t have any space left in your own little preserve of books? Time to go digital! Demand a Kindle E-reader from your loving brother, so you can read your favourite novels, articles and short stories, all the while saving the planet and going green.

Price: INR 4,799

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