Jokers: Hottest Club of Garden Galleria? Quite Possibly

To all you party people out there, have we got a location for you! This club situated on the ground floor of Garden Galleria Mall is the perfect place for you to chill with your friends and have a few drinks. The Jokers Club has a very friendly and professional staff serving you with quite a lot of lovely food on the menu. The bartenders over there also fails to disappoint with their lovely mixology skills and some dangerous drinks to mess with served exactly right. The club has both an indoor and an outdoor ambiance which, simply put is AMAZING if you go on a rainy day because sitting in the open under an umbrella along with a glass of scotch with your pals is surely going to be a memorable day. In the late evening, the DJ comes up and plays a few sick tunes to shake your ass off too and let it loose.


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