Job satisfaction V/S Higher Pay

 What is Job Satisfaction? We have a lot of confusion in our mind when we have to decide whether the high pay is our priority or job satisfaction.

In the same position in the company, some people are doing better their work without their capacity and some do not fulfil the particular demand for that job. why there is a difference in both?  Some people do that particular job just to earn money but on the other hand, people also want their desire job. Higher pay does not raise an employee’s happiness. Sometimes, other factors also important.

In the particular company, when the employee belongs to lower or middle level hierarchy, money may be the basic need for them. They want the basic salary just fulfill their needs whatever the job it is but not at the cost of their life. the employees who are at the top level, they want to achieve praise and appreciation from job. If there is no job satisfaction then they may not able higher productivity or not able to relish their potentials.

One of my friend teaches poor students at free of cost in her leisure time. She do that because of her happiness and satisfaction but not to earn something but let me tell you that money is also important in our life. We can do little things for own happiness but to live a comfortable life, wealth is also necessary.

To tackle this problem, there must be a balance between higher pay and job satisfaction 🙂

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