Joaquin Pheonix to star as Joker in a standalone Joker Film

A standalone Joker film is finally happening. Good news for the Joker fans as the standalone film is in development. The shooting of the film will begin in September this year, so hopefully, the film will hit the theatres next year. Some of you would be thinking that “Joker has been re-casted?” No, Jared Leto is still our Joker and he will be reprising his roles for DCEU Films. The upcoming Joker film is not a part of DCEU (DC Extended Universe), it will be released under the banner of WB and DC Dark or DC Black Films.

We have seen Joker in many films like Batman(1966), Batman(1989), Dark Knight and Suicide Squad. Each actor has done justice to this fictional character and especially Heath Ledger won the Oscars for his iconic role in Dark Knight. Jared Leto was also praised for his performance as the “Clown Prince of Crime” in Suicide Squad.

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