Is there any difference between extrovert and introvert??

In our everyday environment, we collide with many people and their behaviour are different from each other according to their views and so many uncountable factors. Some people get to socialize with us very easily and behave in a way that is acceptable to society but some are reluctant to do so.

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As we always think that people who are extrovert, enough to express their feelings/views towards other people and also confident but people with introvert traits who prefer solitary are shy and sensitive so they can’t do the same.

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We think that introvert hate people to talk and just keep their perspectives in their own mind but sometimes, introvert also likes to talk to people and enjoy with them when they feel lonely. Every person wants to spend their time alone at some time and take rest so it’s like the exception.

Sapien’s Say

In some situations, I am not ready to share my view with other people even I have extrovert personality. On the other hand, if you have introvert character but still you enjoy with chatting so we conclude that one person either have introvert traits or extrovert traits. We can’t classify the people like that. People can’t fit into one particular category. They get change according to the situation.

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