Is Pokémon Go Dead?

Pokémon Go was launched in July 2016 in few countries and later in India on 14 December. It is an augmented reality game and it features catching Pokémon through nearby areas. When the game was launch, the hype of this was on cloud9.

It was the hype that people get crazy about catching new Pokémon and showcasing their Pokémon in the “PokeGym” (a place where people put there Pokémon and earn the game’s currency).

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As everyone “wanna catch ’em all”. It was until December; people are getting bored with this game because there is nothing to do in the game. On 14 February 2017, Niantic (game producer) introduces the generation 2 of Pokémon. Which booms the game people are again getting excited about the game. In June 2017, Niantic brings the biggest update in the game which totally evolves the game and makes it extremely interesting. It changes the “PokeGym” system and introduces the Gym Raid system. Gym Raid system is a co-op activity in which few people challenge the Gym Raid boss and if they defeat the boss then they get a reward to catch that Pokémon. The game introduces the legendary Pokémons as gym raid bosses like Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos.

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In 2018, Niantic introduces “Community Day”. It is a monthly event that allows trainers/players to meet their local people via this game. In this, there is a special Pokémon that appears frequently around the world for a few hours (usually 3 hours). The first community day was held on 20th January 2018, featuring Pokémon was Pikachu. During community day they also introduce the shiny version of Pokémon which only gets if you are lucky. In June, Niantic added a feature in which people can add other people as friends. It has various friend levels in the game. Starting from great friends to best friends. Later, they introduce Pokémon trading as well as lucky Pokémon, which you can get from trade.

In 2019, Pokémon Go has a new feature of friendly PvP. Now people can battle with each other and showing who is stronger than who. In PvP, there are three leagues. Starting with Great-league in this Pokémon’s Combat power should be less than or equal to 1500. Ultra-league, in this Pokémon’s Combat power should be less than or equal to 2500. Master-league, in this there is no limit of Pokémon’s combat power. At the end of the year, Niantic introduces Team Rocket and Shadow Pokémon. Later it introduces Team Rocket Leader which may encounter you a Shiny Shadow Pokémon. A monthly quest that leads you to the Team Rocket Boss Giovanni. By defeating him one would get a chance to encounter a shadow legendary Pokémon.

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In 2020, the game come up with a huge update by introducing Go Battle League (GBL). In this people can battle will with other people and receive rewards. League, in this update were the same but the ranks have been introduced and ratings of a trainer. Currently season 2 of GBL is going on which will end on 13th July.

During these major updates, the game kept on updating its game by introducing new/old raid bosses and their shiny variant, the new generation of the game, seasonal events like Halloween event, Christmas event, etc. Major events like the Safari zone and Go Fest.

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