Iron Fist Season 2: Disappointment Squared!

[SPOILERS AHEAD] If you miss those Mahabarat shows you saw ass a kid because your parents were watching them and miss those days then log into Netflix’s recently released the Second Season of Marvels Immortal Iron Fist(like Danny Rand doesnt say it enough?) The show picks up after Defenders and the events of Luke Cage Season 2 which was actually quite great, with Danny Rand now shown as a person who is consumed by the power of the fist and masking the greed with poor excuses of a promise he made to Matt Murdock, the devil of Hells Kitchen(by the way, season 3 teaser of Daredevil had us looking for our jaws on the floor). Things soon turn to shit, as we see Danny Rand is actually outnumbered by the people who want him gone as he has made quite a few enemies. Davos, being the prime one, has come back to steal the Iron Fist from Danny. Speaking of Davos, we are shown flashbacks of his life with Danny and his relation with his mother which explains how he turned out so. The stereotypical Indian mother has quite a negative impact on him which she does not seem to have intended in her constant efforts to push him to greatness. They get the stereotypes right straight down to the taunts!

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